HEH Group Launches Spindle Repair Company

HEH GROUP LAUNCHES SPINDLE REPAIR COMPANYCuyahoga Falls, Ohio. . .HEH Group, LLC, has added another company to its growing line of machine tool companies. Advanced Spindle Technology (AST) is headquartered at 2709 Boulder Park Court, Winston-Salem, NC, and is a premier provider of machine tool spindle repair services.

The company is headed by Bob Hodge, a veteran of the precision bearing and spindle repair industries, and an expert in the field. Mr. Hodge noted, “We are a customer-focused, technology-based, value-driven company. The spindle is the heart and soul of any machine tool and our level of expertise allows us to custom-retrofit a customer’s spindle to the exact type of operation that machine is doing. In some cases, we return a spindle to the customer that is “better than new” because its performance is now matched to the machine’s operation. Our customer-centric approach puts the emphasis on clear communication with our customer throughout the process. We recognize that when we receive a spindle, that machine is down and costing our customer time, productivity and money. It is our job to get them up and running as quickly as possible, with a spindle suited to their needs.”

The company repairs virtually any make and model of spindle. Due to their intimate knowledge of the industry, AST is able to source components and bearings in a short period of time and keeps many parts in stock. If necessary, damaged components are refurbished or reverse engineered and produced in-house.

Bob Hagarty, CEO of the HEH Group, stated, “We are thrilled to add Advanced Spindle Technology to our roster of cutting edge machine tool companies that include Ultra Tech Machinery, Motch & Eichele and Crotts and Saunders. Bob Hodge is uniquely qualified to head up that business and will drive it using the product and market experience he has gained over his career.”