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At Advanced Spindles, we value our customers and look forward to servicing your spindle repair needs. We are happy to offer $100 off your first spindle repair.

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Industries Served

This industry relies on precision. Without it, safety is not guaranteed, and safety is a must-have. Aerospace parts are made of a variety of complex materials and require fine-tuned precision. Machine tools are vital in this work, we help keep them running smoothly and safely.

Production lines can’t be down. Relying on expedited repairs is the industry standard. With strategic locations and expertise, our clients are able to maintain their production quality.

Semiconductors play a vital role in electronics products. The pieces must be precisely fitted and they provide just enough conductivity to keep the electronics they power running, without overloading.  We ensure fast, accurate spindle repair so your production line has the super precise capabilities this industry demands. You can trust us to get the job done right.

There is a lot of wear and tear on spindles in this industry.  Smaller, high speed spindles are used, and are frequently only fan cooled, as liquids and oils are not allowed due to the potential of damaging the work piece.  These special conditions rely on advanced greased for life bearing lubrication and housing designs that maximize cooling with air.  In order to mass-produce items with wood, you need a machine that is running at its best, and a spindle partner that understands the unique requirements of your industry.

The standards in the medical field are exacting. Your machines are creating parts that are used in surgical implants and other medical instruments.  We can repair any spindle so your CNC machine produces precise items be used by medical professionals to complete life-saving work.

Ceramics are one such example require a special skillset to offset the intense wear caused by working with them. Your spindles must be in top shape to keep your CNC machines ready to deal with the materials. We help do that.

If you wear glasses or contacts, you know how important it is to have precision in this industry. If a CNC machine is slightly off, it affects the product.  As the spindle is the heart of the machine, we can  keep spindles running smoothly with competent and timely repairs so you can focus on your business, and  see a clear profit.

At Advanced Spindles, we cater to our clients’ needs – large or small and for nearly any industry. Contact us to see what we can do for you.